Castle School

Odell Road, Leamore, Walsall, West Midlands WS3 2ED





Vision and Ethos at Castle School 


‘To ensure every pupil enjoys learning, achieves, and is prepared for adult life, within a safe, caring environment.’


In making education special Castle School aims,  

  • To enable pupils to enjoy learning and achieving through the provision of a wide range of activities and experiences.  To enable pupils to lead healthy lifestyles.  
  • To ensure every pupil can keep themselves safe both in and out of school.  
  • To foster an understanding of social moral spiritual and cultural values, with focus on contributing to the community.  
  •  To learn about British Values and understand the importance of them.  
  • To prepare pupils for adult life promoting independence, citizenship, work related skills, and the key skills which promote economic well-being.  
  • To provide access to a wide range of rich and motivating learning opportunities including, external visits and effective and efficient use of all available resources.  
  • To work collaboratively with parents/carers to ensure the progress and achievement of their child.  
  • To develop close working relationships with mainstream schools and the wider community to enhance the opportunities for inclusion.  
  • To further develop the role of the school as a centre of excellence in the context of specialist provision within Walsall.  
  • To ensure that staff develop and share expertise through training and research to support special educational provision. 
  • To promote positive attitudes towards lifelong learning among the pupils, staff, parents and governors. In addition encourage parents to participate in training and learning opportunities (where possible).  
  • To create a welcoming environment that recognises and celebrates the contributions of all its members and reflects the expectations of parents, the community and society.